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From time to time, we will announce special offers on our web site. Some of these offers will be really good ones that are available only to customers who access our site. So stay tuned and come back here often to check for offers. We’ll make it all worthwhile.
Let’s kick it off right here by telling you (if you don’t already know) what’s a GYOZA.

      Welcome to Suntogyoza.com
    This web site aims to provide Gyoza aficionados with more information on the food they love. As far as we can, we would like to achieve this by bringing you on a visual tour of our products – both gyoza and gyoza-related alike.

As for those of you who are new to the Gyoza, it is our sincere wish that you would be able to partake of this visual treat on our web site and subsequently come down to Sunto Gyoza to experience a really mouthwatering experience. I’m sure that you will, like many Gyoza aficionados worldwide, find that you can never stop at just a few!

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